Is there Hope for Football Betting in Vietnamese?

Sports and football betting has been practiced in Vietnam for many years, just like in many other countries across the world. However, as football betting is considered illegal in the country, one cannot place wagers through bookies or sites within the country. The option available is placing bets through Asian or European bookies. There are harsh penalties imposed on mafia gamblers and owners of gambling dens. If one is caught betting for fun, a penalty in the form of a small fine is imposed. However, caution should be taken to ensure that one is not caught gambling again.

The legalization of football betting in Vietnamese has been a long process. In 1988, the bill proposing the legalization of sport betting was drafted. However, up to this date, it is yet to be passed into a law despite the fact that the betting practice rakes in high amounts of revenue annually (between $3 and $4 billion).

Betting on events such as horse racing and dog racing has been legalized after passing through a trial period. However, betting on football has been treated as a separate issue. This was after the Ministry of Finance had consulted the National Assembly and the central government.  The previous draft bill proposed that a gambler should be permitted to place 1 Vientamese Dong (VND) as the maximum wager in a day. However, the new rules are expected to have 1 VND stated as the maximum amount on each wager in a day. This wager may be placed on the winning team, the number of cards (red and yellow), the first scorer as well as the number of corner kicks.

The Asian handicap is known Kèo Châu Á is Vietnamese. The types of Asian handicaps include the draw no bet, quarter point handicap, half point handicap and the even number handicap. The types of leagues that one may place a wager on are the Bundesliga, the Serie A, La Liga and the European Premier League (EPL).

The future of football betting in Vietnamese looks promising as there are efforts from the Ministry of Finance to have the practice legalized. For now, all that bettors may do is place wages online through foreign bookies such as M88iphone and hope that the situation gets better.