New Online Casino- Jack Gold Casino


Jack Gold Casino is a new online casino which is most stirring casinos,which is available in most of new smart phone devices and involves an instant process for signing up. There is no need of downloading.For signing up you need to go through a gentle process of simply entering your mobile number, your name, surname and address.Immediately after signing up you will receive a welcome no deposit bonus of £5.Easy sign up gives an easy start to your game at any time without thinking so much.
It is an improved version of the casino offering variety of casino games in different currencies, attracting players worldwide to play these casino games.It has been licensed by a most trustworthy ‘Isle of Man’ Gambling Supervision Commission, which is one of the largest gambling software providers. So, one can have surety about the security of money invested by them in this game.

It has come with little advancement in the quality of its graphics and display. What is the great thing to notice in its display islittle dark background, making everything else appear brighter. It gives clear information on screen and allows easy navigation. It makes it work smooth and effortless. It is designed especially for smaller devices.Its most exciting feature is that it provides the live experience of dealer mobile card games, roulette and blackjack. One can feel the real life casino experience. This unique feature of Jack Gold Casino is the strongest point of attraction for those casino players, who want to practically feel real casino.It also provides a variety of slots like Mermaid’s Millions and Avalon, Mega Moolah etc. These offer a great range of realistic game slots and table games. These are also famous for the variety of their attractive bonuses and promotions.

But it has a limitation of allowing the use of debit and credit cards only for deposit and has very slow cash withdrawal processthrough bank taking 2 to 5 days.Soon e-wallet is going to be used for cash withdrawal.It is its strong demerit against other casino games which allows payment of the deposit throughmobile bills and quick withdrawal process through bank transfer or by cheques.

However, these limitations may be avoided against its other innovative features. Most players from worldwide are adopting this casino game and taking real time experience of gambling. Every new casino comes with little improved version and bringing innovation seeing the increasing popularity of online casino among the casino players throughout the world.